• Topito is a French entertainment and information website created in 2006 by Benoît Parizot and Laurent Moreau that specializes in the creation of rankings of all kinds. Laurent Moreau describes the content of the site as 50% creation and 50% curation. In 2010, the blog is transformed into a website.  Topito counts 13 million visitors per month, and 2.35 million unique visitors in February 2015, making it the most popular entertainment information site in the world.

ELEPHANTASK Agency happens to partner up with the website quite often, here is the link to one of our collaborations: http://www.topito.com/top-court-metrage-mobile-film-festival-2012 (see the mention to our website down below)


  • ISCOM is a French Communications School in the heart of the capital, Paris. Associations, private and public companies from all sectors, institutions and communication agencies meet at ISCOM Paris to reflect and discuss on how mobile marketing could evolve in the upcoming year.

LOGO-ISCOM-2015---PARIS-1ELEPHANTASK feels like it is extremely important to keep up to date with the entire industry to make sure to not fall behind on mobile marketing. To know more, do not hesitate to check their website: http://www.iscom.fr/fr/iscom-paris