What’s in store for beacons and Sephora?

Sephora has shared a few months of their experience with beacons. For the distributor of perfumes and cosmetics, it still takes time to determine a better engagement strategy and that Android Play evolves.

Thanks to the beacons, welcome messages are sent to Sephora customers. © Apple Store / Sephora
Thanks to the beacons, welcome messages are sent to Sephora customers. © Apple Store / Sephora

A few months after the installation of the beacons in fifteen stores across the United States, Sephora takes a first assessment. At the Mobile Shopping Summit held in Palm Springs, Venkat Gopalan, Development Manager at Sephora, reviewed the experience of having beacons in their stores. According to the Mobile Commerce Daily, Venkat Gopalan explained that to « make a highly personalized shopping experience, the beacons are magical, although some lessons are to be learned from these past few months. » The beacons are little sensors with a small radius of emission. Placed in stores, they allow to send information, ads and loyalty points, on the smartphone of the customer. « It’s a sector that is growing but still needs time » added Sephora’s development director, for it still needs a strategy of engagement and Android has yet to develop.

Sephora points the pitfalls of the beacon

Pioneer in the installation of these beacons, along with Macy’s and Walgreens, Sephora plans to place the sensors in more stores. « We are now able to visualize our customers in store with welcome messages, and remind them of a make-up session » explains Venkat Gopalan. But difficulties arise « people walk quickly, from one department to another and it’s hard to touch them, smartphones that remain locked in the handbags are not useful, not to mention that notifications of beacons must be activated by the customer. »

Retailers are excited about beacons—excited about gathering data based on in-store shopping behavior, driving sales through triggered messages and better understanding a customer’s journey through the technology. But have retailers moved past the experimental phase, and are they still excited about the technology?


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