The advantages offered by using bots

Future is already there and without you knowing it, you are often confronted to bots. Before we start, let’s define what we’re talking about : a bot is a computer program used to perform highly repetitive operations. If the association with mobile marketing and bots may seem abstract, we will show you how effective their use is.

Bots are beasts in data analysis

Specialized in the repetition of fast and repetitive tasks, the bots are perfect for the collection of informations and for the analysis of them.
With the use of bots you can get your hands on valuable data for marketing reasons like e-mail addresses, the center of interest of your Internet users or even location data.
Obviously you can perform all these tasks by yourself, but the bots will undoubtedly do it faster than you, so it is better to use them to avoid wasting your time.

Guess what? You're talking to a bot!
Guess what? You’re talking to a bot!

Bots increase your visibility

Let’s take a situation you’ve probably already experienced. When you go to an application download site like the apple store for example, you probably will not download an application that was never downloaded before, or that no one has ever commented.
The bots can download applications on a very large scale and give it positive ratings in order to increase its visibility and its reliability with the Net surfers. Thus, by intelligently using an extensive network of bots you can considerably improve the SEO of your site or your application in order to increase its visibility.

Bots improve your relationship with your users

As said in the introduction, bots are everywhere and you may not be aware of them.  Do customers frequently ask you about the same things on your apps or websites that you use? Do people need your help and you waste valuable time answering them? Answering them is still essential because your relationship with your Internet users is the base of valuable mobile marketing.
More and more companies use bots in order to interact with their community, did you really think you were speaking to a human being in the help centers online? In addition to helping you, bots can also help your users, it is a perfect solution to an easy environment for a successful mobile marketing situation. There are many other ways to use bots for your mobile marketing, but we will summarize in two words : bots rocks !

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