How can our mood affect mobile advertising?

It is well known that, in order for advertisement to be effective, potential customers must be receptive. And in order for this person to be receptive, the message must be adapted to the target. Most importantly, it must be published at the right time and the right place.

If these conditions are not met, the target will not want to look at the advertisement, or simply will not pay attention at all.

Yahoo recently did a study, proving that a person’s mood greatly affects the potential purchase act. This study called « Receptivity of Emotions » was conducted over 3 weeks in the US and UK, and required the collection of 18,000 data points on mood via smartphones.

What are data points on mood?

A data point is a unit of information. In this case, it’s the unit of mood’s measurement, to see how the mood can influence mobile advertising.

What are the results?

The  « Upbeat  » study showed that the US and UK are more optimistic at certain times of the day: between 11 am and 2 pm. Therefore, these are the best times to communicate with consumers and to do mobile advertising. Generally, consumers are upbeat 46% of the time. During this time, they are more receptive:

  • 30% are more likely to engage with native video content,
  • 28% are more likely to engage with content marketing
  • 21% are more likely to engage with direct marketing.

So, the consumer’s mood can influence mobile advertising, because they are more likely to click on advertisements appearing on their smartphones when they are upbeat. All these results are very encouraging for mobile marketing. It shows that by understanding the target, consumers are more receptive to advertising content.

Choosing the right time of the day is now a crucial factor for mobile marketing.
Choosing the right time of the day is now a crucial factor for mobile marketing.

« Digital marketers appreciate the importance of reaching the right person, on the right device, at the right time. But the « right time » should be about more than the web page they’re viewing at that moment,” Nigel Clarkson, managing director of Yahoo UK, said. “We should be striving to take a consumer’s emotions into account as well. »

Choosing the right time of day is now a crucial factor for mobile advertising. This could affect the mood of a potential customer.

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