Millennials are the key

In terms of mobile marketing, brands have to conquer the « Millennials » (also called digital native or screenagers, the 15-24 years old). Nowadays, this generation, which is using their smatphone in supermarkets, is the key for the Heads of Marketing. They can now propose appropriate and targeted offers to their customers directly on their mobile.

But this generation is not receptive to all mobile marketing. That connected population also downloads « adblockers », which are softwares that block publicity that appears on the Internet and on their mobile. You know when you play a game on your smartphone and a 20 second ad appears on your screen when all you want to do is try your new downloaded game ? That is the kind of publicity I am talking about.

1. They share their experience

In all the domains, the millennials think more and more about leaving a comment (about a house they rent, about a carpool they recently took…). Not only do they think about leaving a comment, but they mostly want to leave their opinion, to have a voice. We call it the Trust Economy : 15 millions advisers leave comments about a product or a brand on social medias.

2. They are addicted to Internet and social networks

Today, the millennials (but not only them) are using socials networks to express themselves on a daily basis. In order to do that, they publish their lives and emotions under different format : 36% of them post online videos and 27% of them post online music. So, in order to touch them, brands have to use different formats of mobile marketing.

3. Instant messaging : the new way of communicate

55% of the millennials send emails, but mostly for a professional purpose. 48% of them exchange constantly through private instant messaging. So they are now an inescapable way of communication. That’s why more and more brands use chatbots in order to create a privileged link with the customer.

4. Different perspectives concerning the job

If some of the millennials are careerists and ready to become self-employers, 23% of them don’t want jobs with high responsabilities. 52% of them prefer team effort. This generation challenge the traditional organizational schema. Brands and companies should adapt themselves in order to keep their present in the field which become more collective, collaborative and connected.

Smartphones are becoming more than a communication tool it is present more than ever in the millenial's daily lives.,
Smartphones are becoming more than a communication tool it is present more than ever in the millenial’s daily lives.,

Ultimately, brands have to adapt themselves with the new ways of communication of this generation. millennials have a real role to play in mobile marketing, but only if brands understand their consumption patterns and can find new methods to use this generation with high potential. In terms of marketing strategy, brands have to explore new ways to attract the millennials : brands have to create partnerships with influencers (bloggers, instragrammers, youtubers etc) who bring a real experience and a social proof that the customer is looking for.

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