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Today’s media landscape is in constant motion, evolving across every
device and channel.

Brands have to react almost instantly and socialize with millions of inspired collaborators. They need to push their boundaries with technology and jump across different social media platforms.

That’s because the most influential stories are never static. Technology has transformed our lives and the way ideas travel, people connect, and how brands gain fame in todays ecosystem. To tell a compelling story, you have to have to think different.

Time to think « mobile marketing »

That is where our agency comes in, ELEPHANTASK. ELEPHANTASK Agency is like no other.

A vibrant workforce is good when it comes to advising brands on mobile marketing, and as a global, talent-driven organization, our people are our greatest asset. By bringing together experienced,innovative, creative thinking, and data driven students from a wide range of backgrounds, we offer our clients the most creative advice when it comes to using mobile marketing.

Youth and creativity are our best strengths to help our clients utilize social media, tools, and applications related to mobile marketing to communicate in better ways with teir customers.

In just a few steps, we make sure that the campaigns we create will achieve the objectives
set out by the client : identifying the right consumers, coming up with the big idea, and
choosing the best media to exploit for the big idea

The information we give you is simplified and adapted to your target. Our specialization increases your chances to learn how to use differents tools and build a global communication strategy around them.

We are trusted advisers to many of the world’s most growing companies,
institutions and organizations. According to our clients, you can trust us.

By creating this website, we want to inform brands and consumers about what mobile marketing means. You could get useful information about the latest trends or just find how to contact our agency.

You understood it, mobile marketing is the future. It is time to give the best of ourselves to the task at handcropped-Plan-de-travail-1-copie-2.jpg



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